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Welcome to ECbike

ECbike rents electric bikes during the summer at the Belgian and Dutch coast and all over Belgium during the rest of the year for the pleasure of everyone: families, couples, groups and individuals.

We put every effort in providing you the best experience for your bike tour


Bikes equipped with a powerful engine in the front and a long-lasting battery in the back (autonomy between 60 and 100 km). The ECbikes are custom-made in Belgium by Granville N.V.


All ECbikes enjoy the ECbike Assistance, meaning that in case of a breakdown, the intervention will happen within the hour in order to put the ECbike back on the road.


Helmets for adults and helmets for children with universal size from the Scott brand (helmets are disinfected after each rental period).


Chariots for 2 children (1 to 6 years) from the Croozer brand.

Baby seat

Baby seats (3 to 6 years) offering maximum protection from the Polisport brand.


Double waterproof bags for luggage or picnics (24 L) from the Willex brand.


GPS MIO 300 Benelux in order to be able to discover all secret routes.